ICYMI: Ryse: Son of Rome Gets Two Impressive Trailers

After what some people would describe as having a “rough start”, Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome has since begun the rebuilding process and seemingly has begun to turn things around with it’s public perception.

Almost being written off as a “can’t lose” button masher at this past E3 event, Ryse has begun to really flesh out and correct some of the mechanics which people were confused or weren’t crazy about. If Gamescom was any indication, Crytek has been listening to the feedback. For one, the combat has been fleshed out, tweaked, and has more added depth to it. The enemy AI has also been reworked a bit with more aggressive and smarter intelligence.

Another step in the right direction comes from the following two trailers released late last week. The first introduces us to the game’s story and lead character, Marius Titus. Find out why he’s on this campaign and what spurred him on. The second trailer is a pretty interesting motion comic style trailer explaining the story of the ill-fated general, Damocles. Personally, I’m rooting for this game because I’m a sucker for Ancient Roman inspired games and this one looks absolutely gorgeous. Here’s hoping the gameplay holds up just as much as it’s graphics.

The Story of Ryse

Ryse: Son of Rome – Legend of Damocles

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