Tactical Assist – Grand Theft Auto V Bounty Missions Walkthrough

Ever felt the need to channel your inner Dog the Bounty Hunter and track down some bail jumpers? Grand Theft Auto V lets you live out that fantasy as you track down these reprobates dead or alive. I guess it makes sense since you’re using the already volatile Trevor to track these people down.

Maude-GTAVInitially given as a Strangers and Freaks mission, you can start this mission chain from an orange question mark just east of the Alamo Sea. There’s four to track down in total and for each one, you’re given a vague location where these people are hanging out from Maude, the bail bondsman. Unfortunately, with little detail and an odd picture to go on, these can be a little more time-consuming and frustrating than you want. That’s where I come in. So strap on your blonde mullet, put on your best black leather vest, and let me be your guide as we storm our way through each mission.

Full mission list waits for you after the break…

General Tips
If you’re like me and tackled a few of these earlier in the game, you more than likely don’t have the full map unlocked. Trying to match the picture with a location on the map therefore is pretty much useless. What you may want to try here is to pull out the physical map that should have been included with your copy of the game and match it that way.

If you can, take these people alive. Sure, it’s much easier to kill them and be done with it, but capturing them will net you double the cash, so it’s definitely worth the (sometimes) struggle. Each target will score you $10,000 alive and only $5,000 dead.

Lastly, if you wait to do these later in the game, you’ll gain access to a stun gun at Ammo-Nation stores. Using these on the bail jumpers stops them immediately and forces them to give up saving you the hassle of chasing them down.

Bail Jumper #1
Name: Ralph Ostrowski
Location: Davis Quartz (South of Sandy Shores)
Tips: Upon seeing your face, Ralph will jump in a nearby car and take off. Thankfully, there’s another car waiting there you can grab if you don’t already have one. The easiest way to get him to stop running is to take out two of his vehicle’s tires. A more dangerous way would be to shoot him a few times, but by doing this you run the risk of an accidental killing.

Here’s a handy video for assistance:

Bail Jumper #2
Name: Larry Tupper
Location: An old farm south of Sandy Shores
Tips: Unlike Ralph, Larry has a crew with him who will immediately begin to shoot at you. Best policy here is to not rush in and try to take out his crew one by one. Larry will run off down the hill if alerted but you can always try to stun him with the stun gun. If you don’t have a stun gun on you, try shooting him in the legs once or twice to get him to stop running and turn himself in.

Bail Jumper #3
Name: Glenn Scoville
Location: Top of Mount Chiliad
Tips: When alerted, Glenn will parachute off of the mountain and sprint away from Trevor once he reaches the bottom. The best policy would be to use the stun gun, but if you don’t have that, you’ll need to make sure you at least have a parachute to chase after him.

Bail Jumper #4
Name: Curtis Weaver
Location: Hobo Camp at the most northern point on the map
Tips: For all the trouble you’re given with the first three, this one is fairly straightforward. Curtis does not have any followers and will simply run from you when alerted. Not terribly difficult to nab.

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    awesome guide bud 🙂

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