Soundtrack Central – Late Summer 2013

I don’t know about you, but I could definitely go for some great music and what better time to highlight some from recently released games. So lets dive into to some late summer releases. Make sure you crank the volume!

splinter-cell-blacklistSplinter Cell Blacklist
While being primarily a stealth game where sound is a bad thing, Splinter Cell as a franchise has had some pretty outstanding music including Chaos Theory and Conviction to name a few. The newest title, Blacklist, continues that fine tradition with another addictive sound experience. Mike Zarin and Kaveh Cohen have teamed up to create a pulse pounding and thrilling soundtrack to match the game’s story and gameplay. What’s great is that the songs evolved based on your style of gameplay and can be heard in the music tracks as well. For stealthy players, the music matches your gameplay, subtle and quiet. Get detected or go loud and suddenly the music swells and gets loud, matching the now tense and frantic feeling. There’s no better example of this than the track “Dude’s Name Is Andriy Kobin”. On the other end of the spectrum, you have “Tell Me the Opsuit’s Not Flammable” which is dripping with tension. The track just sounds menacing, like you’re being stalked by an unseen foe. Fits perfectly into the Splinter Cell franchise.

Recommended Tracks
Dude’s Name Is Andriy Kobin
We’re Dealing With Pros
Break a Leg, Briggs
Tell Me The Opsuit’s Not Flammable

Release_Icon_-_Rayman_LegendsRayman Legends
I was a massive fan of the score to Rayman Origins and I couldn’t wait to hear what was waiting for me with Legends. Thankfully, it wasn’t a let down at all as Legends hits all the right notes as well. Unlike Origins, the Legends soundtrack didn’t hit me right away almost giving off a more subtle vibe. The more I played the game though, the more prominent the music became soon getting stuck in my head and just about knocking off Origins completely. Legends features a similar style incorporating fun music that fits well with the game’s zany style. The soundtrack is incredibly creative, whimsical, and a massive amount of fun to listen to. Carrying a sort of Medieval style, the music adapts to what you’d expect to hear at a Renaissance fair such as the tracks Medieval Theme, where the traditional Rayman theme gets made over. Grannies World Tour adds in rocking guitars and blistering tempos that just makes you want to bob your head along with the music. This is one of those times that the music helps to elevate the already rock solid gameplay into astronomical heights.

Recommended Tracks
Honestly, the whole thing. If you need a starting point however, I can recommend these to listen to first:

Medieval Theme
Another World
Grannies World Tour
Castle Invaded

Want to hear the whole thing? Check it out right here:

SaintsRowIVSaints Row IV
Yes, those crazy Saints are back again and this time, they’re bringing the fight to aliens. To keep with the futuristic/aliens/matrix vibe Saints 4 has going for it, the music follows suit with a more electronic and action oriented style to it. It’s kind of interesting because if you listen to the music seperately, it doesn’t sound like how you’d expect a Saints Row game to sound as the music’s tone is one of more serious and urgency. It’s a great listen though and will definitely get your toes tapping and head bobbin’. The Title Screen takes a familiar anthem from SRIII and remixes it a bit with odd glitch type noises which represent the actual game really well. It’s familiar but sounds new at the same time. For something completely different, make sure to listen to the Saints of Rage tracks.

Recommended Tracks
Saints of Rage – Stage 2
The Warden Arrival
Title Screen
The Saints Flow

Though if you want to sample the entire score, visit right here:

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