Sony’s Cross-Buy Promotion Extends to the Playstation 4

Looking for more downloadable goodness when the PS4 hits in less than a month?

Thanks to Sony Santa Monica, four popular downloadable titles on the PS3 and Vita are making their way over to the PlayStation 4 as a part of the Cross-Buy promotion. Originally setup as a way for gamers to buy one copy of the game and gain access to it on another platform such as PS3 or Vita. What’s interesting here is that even though the system isn’t backwards compatible, these games have been developed and converted to run on the PS4.

So what games are making the jump?

Flower: A truly innovative and unique title from the gang at Thatgamecompany, Flower will be released on Vita and PS4 and now sport visuals in 1080p. One of the most relaxing games I’ve ever played and one I highly recommend.

flOw: Thatgamecompany’s first big release on the PS3, the unique title will be coming for the PS4 and Vita on November 29.

Escape Plan: Originally released as a Vita title, Escape Plan is now coming to the big screen of the PS4 on November 29 now with all new controls for the DualShock4.

Sound Shapes: One of my favorite downloadable titles of last year, this musical-platformer will be available on launch day for PS4 owners.

So what does this all mean for you? If you purchased any of the above games for Vita or the PS3, you’ll also be able to download and play them on your shiny new PS4. Pretty neat huh? Here’s hoping they manage to port over some more great titles from the Vita/PS3 era.

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3 Responses to Sony’s Cross-Buy Promotion Extends to the Playstation 4

  1. Vitosal says:

    that’s cool. I didn’t enjoy flow but flower was really interesting..I must finish that game

    • Never played flow, but I found Flower to be a great experience. Definitely a game to play if you’re having a bad or stressful day.

      I’m just happy to see that this cross buy promotion is extending to the PS4 as well. I thought it was already a great program to begin with. Hopefully this opens the door for more PS3/Vita games to make the jump.

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