In Case You Missed It: Steam Controller In Action

Valve surprised the gaming world when they announced (officially) their SteamOS, hardware, and controller a few weeks back. While many may have been expecting something along the lines of Half Life 3, to me, the most confusing announcement had to have been the controller. The biggest question for me after the Steam Controller announcement was: “How do you use it?” I just couldn’t picture it in my head at all.


Thankfully, Valve seems to be aware that many gamers had the same question and late last week released a video showing off just how the odd-looking controller works. For the most part, it answered some questions for me, namely, I can now visualize the controller better. With that said, I’d still like to somehow get my hands on it as it really does seem like something that you’d need to try to fully understand. I will admit that I like how the track pads act as a sort of mouse movement as shown through the Portal 2 gameplay segment.

The controller seems really responsive and customization so I’m keeping an open mind. It’s also really nice to see the controller used through many different types of games. Gives a pretty good sense of what you can expect though I’m sure many of you want to see DOTA 2 in action with it. Soon enough, I’m sure.

Strategy games like Civilization V will really benefit from this controller as gamers now won’t have to awkwardly place their keyboard and mouse on their lap. You’ll just need to lug the PC over to the TV for Big Picture. But I digress.

So have a look for yourself if you missed this last week. Perhaps it’ll help you visualize how the controller will work.

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