5 Minutes of Awesome: BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea Gameplay

I don’t know about you but it seems like a long time ago that BioShock Infinite finally released. Personally, I loved the game so the prospect of getting more single player content to play through (and set in Rapture no less) definitely has my attention. It’s been a while but the wraps on Burial at Sea part 1 are finally starting to come off.

This past week, Irrational gave us an extended look at the first 5 minutes of the upcoming DLC, introducing us to a pre-revolution Rapture, when things were still…well…somewhat normal at least. Seeing Rapture recreated using the new engine used in BioShock Infinite is quite the sight and it’s never looked better. It’s interesting seeing and hearing familiar sights but in a new way. I personally can’t wait for a return trip back to Rapture, to hear of Fontaine and Ryan, to see Little Sisters and Big Daddies, and of course, splicers. Irrational cannot get this out fast enough.

I should warn you that for those of you sensitive to spoilers or if you want to go into your first playthrough without any prior knowledge, you may not want to click play on the below video. For everyone else, enjoy!

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