Today In Shooters: Battlefield Performing A Second Strike While Call of Duty Expands Their Servers

With the battleground being set for another year between Call of Duty and Battlefield, both titles seem to be dropping news at the same time as we move closer to their launch. Lets take a closer look at what each is up to lately with “Today In Shooters.”

First up is the mega seller, Call of Duty. As it turns out, the Xbox One version won’t be the only game using dedicated servers come this November. Executive producer, Mark Rubin confirmed over his Twitter account that both current and next-gen games as well as PC will be utilizing what they’re calling a hybrid dedicated server system. These servers don’t care about the players location, platform, or connection speed with the game doing the heavy lifting via a bunch of listen and dedicated servers. Rubin also confirmed that Infinity Ward is looking to add the ability to rent servers and being able to browse through available servers once the launch has passed.


On the other end of the spectrum, Battlefield 4 has announced a new “Second Strike” DLC map pack, just as they did with Battlefield 3. The twist here is that this pack will reintroduce four of the most popular maps from Battlefield 3 all done up in the brand new Frostbite 3 engine while enhanced with new features from Battlefield 4.  This will be the second of five premium DLC packs, the first being “China Rising” which you can nab for free with a preorder. One last thing to note here is that Second Strike is a timed exclusive for the Xbox One.

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