20 Minutes of Awesome: More Titanfall Gameplay Footage

In case you missed it and/or are not Australian, you may not have heard that there was an Expo going on in “The Land Down Under” this past weekend. Almost like a PAX style of show, the EB Games Expo focuses on upcoming games that the general public like you or me can get our hands on. In addition to major titles like Killzone Shadow Fall, Dead Rising 3, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag being playable, one of the bigger upcoming games, Titanfall, was also there on display for the general public.

To their credit, even though they’re not a big company (yet anyway), Respawn has been doing their best to get their gorgeous looking shooter into the hands as many people as humanly possible. For marketing purposes, this is the best possible solution for developing the hype and excitement that new IPs really need to succeed. Honestly, with as much news and good impressions that I hear about the game, this policy is working for them.

At this year’s event, Community Manager (and G4 alum) Abbie Heppe took to the stage to discuss all things Titanfall with the crowd, including showing off a pretty sweet trailer and extended gameplay. Abbie also managed to unveil some new information such as some alternative weapons with the Titan like the Electrified Smoke and Vortex Blocker, different Titan mechs with unique weapons and animations then what we’ve seen in trailers and a couple other nuggets of information. Thankfully for us, EA managed to capture the presentation and put it up on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. So sit back, relax and have a look:

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