The Future of Deus Ex

After the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution released a couple of years ago, many people have been wondering what’s next for the futuristic RPG, myself included. The mix of RPG elements, customization, and an engaging world really captured me during my time with the game. David Anfossi took to the Eidos Montreal website to explain just what they are cooking up for everyone.

First up, the team is wrapping up work on a “Director’s Cut” version of Human Revolution and is set for release on the WiiU, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in just a few weeks on October 22. Surprisingly, it’s been in development for 18 months so it’s not a mere port with just come content added in. One of the biggest additions is the second screen experience for Smartglass, PS Vita, and the WiiU Gamepad. There’s a ton of gameplay additions that open up with the second screen outside of simply looking at the map and menu options. You’re also getting all of Adam Jensen’s neural hub enhancements all of which are detailed in this handy video. In addition, the Eidos Montreal team has further enhanced the visuals, refined the game’s balance and combat, added in over 8 hours of developer commentary, added in the “Missing Link” DLC and also completely overhauled those (not so great) boss battles. So if this is a game you passed on a couple of years ago, there’s no better time than now to dive in.

If you’re looking for brand new content, Mr. Anfossi also had some words for you as well. The Eidos Montreal team is currently in production on what they’re calling “Deus Ex Universe” a sort connected hub world between a series of games. The idea behind Deus Ex Universe is to deliver a richer and immersive experience while also delivering content that expands the franchise not just through games, but other media like books and graphic novels. The big message here is that the team is hard at work on a brand new game in the franchise coming tot he PC and next generation consoles. If you want even more information on Deus Ex Universe, have a look at the main write-up over on Eidos Montreal’s community page right here.

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