In Case You Missed It: Alternate Ending To The Last of Us


Oh, Naughty Dog, you never fail to capture my heart.

Last month, folks who attended their panel at the PAX Prime event in Seattle, Washington were treated to an alternative ending to their fantastic game, The Last of Us. Sadly, the information never got out and “everyone else” was left to speculate just what those attendees saw. With yesterday being “Outbreak Day” in which the events of the game first took place, Naughty Dog took to the web to finally reveal just what it was that everyone saw.

Here’s a warning for you before you go clicking down below to see the video. If you have not played The Last of Us but plan to or have not finished the campaign, do not watch the below trailer or read my thoughts. We’re talking spoiler city here so reader beware.

For everyone else, I’ll see you below the jump!

After watching the video, I was pretty much dying laughing. While the content doesn’t deviate too much from the final segment in the retail version, I couldn’t help but laugh at the reactions to when Merle Dandridge (Marlene’s actor) starts singing her lines and the fact that Troy Baker (Joel’s actor) doesn’t miss a beat even though he has no idea at what’s going on. Even though we aren’t quite aware of what they’re supposed to be saying/doing, the improvisation going on is just incredible.

It was a fun way to mess with the actor’s a bit after what seemed to be a long shoot with multiple takes. Here’s the video for you to enjoy:

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