Rockstar Unleashes Even More GTA Online Details

Looking at the calendar, it looks as though we’re less than a week away from the launch of the very ambitious Grand Theft Auto Online. With the time ticking down, Rockstar has revealed more about the online mode and what players can expect when booting it up on day 1.

Here’s a little rundown of the experience:

Players will be able to host up to 16 people at a time in their game world. It’s a full and open map just like in the main game complete with activities such as mountain biking, hunting, robbing armored trucks/stores, shooting ranges and everything else you’d expect from the single player side. You’ll be able to take on Jobs from certain contacts either solo or with other people, participate in races, or even sports activities like golf and tennis. Rockstar is also planning on eventually adding Heists to this game mode complete with the planning board before hand.

So what’s the point? Money. You’re seeking to gain as much money as possible to buy those cars, clothes, properties, and more. The more things you do in this online world, the more reputation and cash flow you’ll gain. Leveling up is achieved through higher reputation providing new features, criminal contacts for jobs, and customization options for your character. If you don’t feel like making money the hard way, GTA Online also supports microtransactions so you can spend real money to buy in game cash. Before you flip a car out of microtransaction rage, Rockstar has assured everyone that the game and economy has been balanced and designed around players who do not want to buy in-game cash. You can still gain everything by playing the game normally.

The biggest thing being stressed here is that Rockstar wants to hear back from you. Your feedback will help shape this online mode to the point where even future missions and content will be designed around gamer feedback and stats. If you want something in the game or don’t like a certain element, let them know! This way we can prevent the cougar mans, demonic swing sets, and other odd but funny glitches of the world from taking root here. Actually, if you see a cougar man in GTA Online, don’t let Rockstar know so we can all enjoy it, okay?

I’ll have more on GTA Online once the gates open next week.

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1 Response to Rockstar Unleashes Even More GTA Online Details

  1. Vitosal says:

    awesome, just waiting for the price to drop and then I’ll purchase this

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