A Familiar Face Joins The Killer Instinct Roster

That’s right, one of the faces of the franchise, Orchid, is making her long sought after return to the previously dormant fighting franchise.

While we don’t have too many details yet on Orchid, I will say her design is closer to her looks from the first game rather than the more revealing version in the sequel. What’s interesting is that she seems to have a number of gadgets and some sort of goggles (perhaps nightvision). Based off of that and the reveal that her stage’s name is called “Rebel Base” it appears that she’s involved with some covert operations of some sort.

If my math is correct, that makes the sixth and final fighter to be available on day one with two additional fighters being prepped for an early 2014 release followed by Season Two near the end of 2014. Out of the box you’ll have access to Jago, Sabrewulf, newcomer Sadria, Orchid, Chief Thunder, and Glacius. For the full breakdown of prices, features, and details, you’ll want to read my write up here.

With Killer Instinct quickly barreling towards release, there’s not much time left to hold information back, so my guess is that we’ll be seeing her in action sooner rather than later. Here’s the reveal trailer for Sadira and if you stay to the very end, you’ll get a big tease for Orchid.

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