Metro: Last Light Scares Up Some Survival Horror With DLC Pack 3

“Well, I’m out.”

That’s what I said to myself when I read about the new DLC which releases tomorrow for Metro Last Light at $3.99. That’s not to say this content sounds awful, it’s just more to do with what it features in it. Here, let me explain.

The Developer Pack aims to be the DLC that brings the gameplay back towards survival horror, promising intense and stressful encounters. The solo mission within this DLC is called “Spiders’ Lair” taking place within an abandoned Missile Silo which has become infested with those creepy spider/arachnid enemies. You wake up unarmed, only carrying a compass and lighter. 4A is pushing the limited resources element, forcing the player to hunt for additional filters for their mask as the oxygen constantly ticks down, manage your light, and keep your visor clean.

In addition, players will get their hands on a hand pumped flamethrower as well. Perfect for grilling those spiders.

In addition, a shooting range will be available complete with marksman challenges for the player to achieve. An AI arena will allow the player to pit NPCs against each other in what I picture is something like what the Romans used to do without…you know…all of the post apocalyptic stuff. Lastly, a museum will become available allowing the player to learn a bit more about enemies, NPCs, and other items from the world of Metro.

This line from their developer blog sums up my feelings best: “Just one word of warning – if you’re afraid of spiders, this episode will either kill or cure you. But probably kill you.”

Well, I’m out.

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