Friday Downer: Blitz Games Studios Closes Its Door

Sorry to bum you guys out on a Friday the 13th of all things, but news is news, right?

Long standing industry staple, Blitz Games Studios was unable to stay afloat and secure additional funds amongst a number of challenges over the past year and is closing down after 23 years. As a result, around 175 jobs will be lost which is never a good thing. Made up of six different divisions to help diversify the company and their output, they were known more for licensed based titles like Spongebob Squarepants: Underpants Slam but they also created such games as Yoostar 2, Reservoir Dogs, Dead to Rights: Retribution, and Fuzion Frenzy to name a few.


There’s a bit of good news in this pile of bad however. Local developer Rebellion, known recently for Sniper Elite V2 is in talks to hire some of the employees and also a couple projects that Blitz had been working on are sustainable enough where 50 employees will form a new studio to keep working. Co-founder and CEO, Philip Oliver is seeking out companies who may be looking to hire as well. Here’s hoping for a good resolution.

For the employees who are now without work, I wish you all the best going forward.

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