PSA: A Titanfall Beta Does Not Exist

With all of the positivity and buzz from various shows like PAX Prime and Gamescom surrounding Respawn Entertainment’s next-gen shooter, Titanfall, it should be no surprised that scammers are using this opportunity to take advantage of people.

As a service you to good people of the world, I’d like to inform you that a beta does not exist for Titanfall in any shape or form. The game is not due out until sometime in the Spring of next year so it’s more than likely not even in a beta state anyway. Titanfall’s official Twitter account also posted a tweet detailing this as well.

So please, don’t fall for scams. If you’re wondering about the potential for a beta, make sure to follow official Respawn channels on Twitter or their site directly. They’re the ones you should trust for this information. Be safe out there everyone.

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