5 Minutes of Awesome – XCOM: Enemy Within Walkthrough

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a game I came into relatively fresh. I was aware of the XCOM franchise but I hadn’t played or seen anything from it before. As I dug deeper into Enemy Unknown’s tactical combat, I found myself becoming more and more addicted. Only upon completing the game did I find myself free of it’s grasp. You know what they say: just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

In the below video, we’re given a quick look at a mission in the upcoming expansion. Many of you will be happy to see that there are new maps now in the mix with the old ones including fighting on top of a dam. Gameplay wise, it’s going to feel familiar, not much has changed in that regard as it’s still turn based tactical combat. What’s new and exciting comes in the form of genetic modifications, augmentations and the M.E.C. suit. You’ll see a soldier in a giant walking mech suit just unleash hell upon the aliens. The sniper unit has genetically modified leg muscles so she’s able to jump to high positions. No jetpacks or ladders needed anymore and should really give you move tactical options. Lastly, you’ll also see a gene mod that allows them to redirect psionic damage back to the enemy. It’s a very cool and surprising ability. As a tease, the video ends with a new enemy unit type appearing: the Mechtoid.

A new and major expansion to Enemy Unknown is coming from the tactical geniuses over at Firaxis called Enemy Within. It’s more than just a DLC pack as it adds a wealth of content including new maps, new enemy types, new unit types, new weapons and abilities. Get a taste of your next addiction in the following video.

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1 Response to 5 Minutes of Awesome – XCOM: Enemy Within Walkthrough

  1. Vitosal says:

    It sounds interesting. I’ve actually got the 1st one read to be played on the PC. Haven’t tried it yet because it’s not in my comfort zone. I really should give it a bash at some point

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