Rumor: Sony Set To Reveal VR Headset For PS4

If rumors out there are correct, Sony is getting ready to reveal its own virtual reality headset at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

According to reports by Eurogamer and CVG, Sony has been working with virtual reality devices for a few years now and was set to reveal the peripheral at Gamescom but postponed the announcement for some reason. So far, the device has been linked to Evolution Studios new open world racing title, DriveClub specifically for a cockpit view where the player can turn their head and look around the car.

The reports also mention that the headset resembles Sony’s own HMZ-T2 3D headset model but it’s specs will be more on par and rival those of Oculus Rift. I guess competition only helps consumers in the long run, plus it’ll be interesting to see the final price points of these devices.

With the Oculus Rift taking off in popularity these days, it appears that now is the time to strike and capitalize on this trend. Perhaps the world is finally ready for virtual reality. Sorry Virtual Boy.

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3 Responses to Rumor: Sony Set To Reveal VR Headset For PS4

  1. Vitosal says:

    That’s going to cost a pretty penny..

    • That’s what I’m thinking as well.

      I’ll be honest, I’m not a big VR person, though I think that’s because my experiences have been with the Virtual Boy. Not good obviously.

      I’d love a chance to test drive this thing or Oculus Rift. I’m sure it would change my opinion.

      • Vitosal says:

        I’ve always loved the concept of it but obviously there has never been a decent breakthrough i guess until now. Some of the videos I’ve seen where guys have tested the Oculus rift have exceptionally good things and bad things to say. Good things being the quality, sound and scale, bad things it takes a while to setup and a bit to bulky.

        Sorry, I’ve rambled on a bit there. If i don’t get it, it won’t ruin my gaming and at this point its just to expensive for something that might not even be practical

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