Gamescom 2013: Project Spark Continues To Impress

One of the strongest cases for the new Kinect sensor device in my opinion is going to be Project Spark when it releases in 2014. While I’ve been hearing good things about Kinect Sports Rivals really taking advantage of the new Kinect sensor, to me, it feels more like an extension of motion gaming. Maybe I’m being shortsighted, especially considering I have not gone hands on with the new technology of Kinect 2.0 but I’m waiting for the software that really pushes the limits of what the device can achieve with the Xbox One. It seems Project Spark is going to be leading that charge.


If the E3 2013 demo wasn’t enough to convince you of the potential of this game/tool/software, then perhaps the recent news coming out of Germany at Gamescom will.

Using the new Kinect Sensor, players will be able to capture everything from facial animations, body motion, along with voice and sound to use in creation of cutscenes, character animations, or dialog. Essentially, Kinect becomes a motion capture and audio studio all in one. With Project Spark already being able to allow players to turn a blank canvas into things like games, stories, or worlds, being able to share them, and now this aspect on top? I’m very much intrigued.

If you want to get all hands on with Project Spark, the developers over at Team Dakota currently have a beta sign up program on their site. According to reports, the closed beta will begin for Windows 8 devices starting in October and then move to Xbox One in January 2014. So head on over and sign up if you’re interested in experiencing what Project Spark can do.

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