Gamescom 2013: Diablo III Adding The Angel of Death

If you’re looking for more to do with Diablo III, the wait may be coming to a close as Blizzard announced the first expansion pack for the dungeon crawler called Reaper of Souls.

The expansion pack will introduce an all new chapter set within Westmarch and also The Pandemonium Fortress (aka Act IV in Diablo II), players will also be able to take up arms as The Crusader, a character based around Diablo II’s Paladin class. The Crusader is a heavy armor wearing tank utilizing in mace/flail type weapons and able to use “battle magic” to strengthen friends and weaken enemies. Act V will also see the return of Malthael, the former Archangel of Wisdom, who has shed the Wisdom aspect in favor of death and seeking the Black Soulstone for some purpose. Malthael will be the end boss for Act V, wielding his sickle swords and black hooded armor.

Additional details have trickled out as well including an endgame feature called “Loot Runs” and take between 15-20 minutes to complete. It puts you in a randomized dungeon with several levels and a random boss at the end. For people who make a living out of doing this manually, this should be a welcomed addition. The level cap will raise to 70 and the paragon system will no longer have a cap and will be account wide.

No word on a console release, for now, limited to just Mac/PC but I’d be surprised if this didn’t eventually find its way over to consoles as a form of DLC. In traditional Blizzard fashion, they’ve whipped up a pretty fantastic CG cinematic. Have a look here:

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