12 Minutes of Awesome – Dying Light Gameplay

Ever since the first CG trailer hit for this open world, free running zombie survival game back during E3, I’ve been waiting patiently for some gameplay. The idea behind the game sounds excellent and I couldn’t wait to see more. This week, that wish was finally granted as IGN posted a 12 minute straight gameplay video of the upcoming game.

Right off the bat, Dying Light has a similar feel to a game like The Last of Us where humanity seems to be on the brink of collapse, only in this game, zombies are everywhere instead of fungal victims. The best way to describe this game would be to picture the first person free running of Mirror’s Edge and marry that to the open world zombie game from Dead Island. As you’ll see in the video, the game looks crisp, clear, and detailed, it’s all very impressive for pre-alpha. The primary objective of the player is to get to supply drops left behind by an airplane. As other factions are also working to claim them, it would seem you’re on a timer. How you choose to get there seems to be fairly open to the player especially with how you confront the roaming zombies on the land. You could avoid them, try to fight, or even head stomp them. Yes, you can jump on the heads of these zombies while running.

You’ll also notice that the player stops to help a child in need which is definitely an optional side mission. I’m willing to bet there’s a ton of these available, but in doing so the player loses time with his primary objective. I can’t say for sure if the supply drops aspect is scripted where you’re always going to miss out on the first one to make the gameplay a bit more interesting. I’d hope not so that if a player decides to skip side missions and go right for the supply drop, you’d earn it.

What’s very intriguing is the day to night cycle the game goes through. As darkness falls, the zombies get more deadly almost as if they’re empowered by the night. The gameplay takes a drastic turn almost to a first person stealth game. Rather than confront zombies head on, performing stealth kills and avoiding combat seems to be the better move. the player also has a sort of sense they can use to see the “awareness radius” that zombies have. You’re also given a look at one of the special zombies that lurk at night right at the very end. I’m also hoping that these day/night cycles are not scripted taking place near the end of the objective but rather dynamically as the player explores the world.

So here’s the video. Sit back and enjoy!

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2 Responses to 12 Minutes of Awesome – Dying Light Gameplay

  1. Just discovered this blog… awesome stuff! Not the biggest fan of huge games like CoD or (probably) this one, but overall I seriously dig your stuff and it keeps me informed about the new up-and-coming games in the (mostly) indie world! Sweet, definitely subscribing 🙂

    (To shamelessly self-promote myself, I wouldn’t mind if you checked out my blog either!)

    • Hey thanks for stopping by and checking out my site! much appreciated.

      I try to cater to everyone here as best as I can. I want to make sure I have all gamers covered. I’ll admit, I’m not a huge CoD guy myself, but I know it’s a big deal to a lot of people so I’ll cover it.

      I hope to have more indie stuff up soon including more “Know Your Indie” articles.

      Again, thanks for stopping by and for the sub!

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