PAX Prime’s Huge Indie Megabooth Announced

In my opinion, one of the best aspects of the Penny Arcade Expo (East) is the Indie Megabooth, a sprawling section on the exhibit floor housing some indie powerhouses and relative unknowns but developers you SHOULD get to know. I’ve seen and played some really innovative stuff from these guys and I’m glad it’s really starting to take hold. Yes, seeing the big name games is great as well, but being able to go hands on with the blood sweat and tears from the little guys is just as satisfying.

This week, the Indie Megabooth at the upcoming PAX Prime event in Seattle was revealed and it’s going to be massive. If you thought the 62 games of PAX East 2013 was big then prepare to go hands on with 80 titles at Prime, their biggest offering ever. Thankfully, you now have four days instead of three to try and tackle the largest booth on the showfloor.

While I won’t rattle off every single game here, but you will be seeing the likes of Hotline Miami 2, Toy Rush, Incognita, PixelJunk Inc, Reus, and the recently announced Wasteland Kings to name only a very small few. For a complete list of games and developers, make sure you visit the Indie Megabooth site right here. If you’re going to PAX Prime, make sure you stop by and check out what these guys have to offer, you’ll find some great titles before they go big.

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