Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Revealed and Detailed

Not fit to break with tradition, Activision held their annual spectacle event for the multiplayer side of Call of Duty. This year’s version, known as Ghosts, is especially important to them as the new wave of consoles will be coming around the same time marking it’s first transition for the first person shooter.

Before we go any further, here are the details in trailer form. After the video, I’ll have a bigger breakdown of all the big elements to this year’s game.

So now that you’ve seen the sights and heard the sounds, lets dive in a bit deeper and take a look at some of the bigger points from the above trailer.

The biggest news for people came not from watching the gameplay, but a reveal at the end of the trailer which shows off the ability to create female characters in addition to the standard male variety. It’s something that is surprising that hasn’t been done earlier, but either way, it’s a good thing moving forward. Perhaps the added power of the next generation consoles makes this now possible.

In a much needed move for the franchise, Infinity Ward has added some new mechanics to the core gameplay. Players will now be able to lean around corners, mantle over objects (not losing momentum), and go into a knee slide from running to crouching. While the mechanics are not new to games in general (Far Cry 3 and Battlefield immediately come to mind), they’re a welcomed addition to this franchise.

New to Ghosts will be the squad system, essentially let the player customize not just one character but up to ten. You’ll not only be able to customize their load out and gear, but also give them a prestige path as well. Once your squad is ready to go, you can take part in squad based modes such as Squad vs. Squad which pits you and five of your AI bots against another human and his/her five AI bots. Wargame on the other hand pits you and your AI against a team of bots, but the catch here is that you can select any multiplayer game type to play in this mode.  Safeguard is the “horde” mode of the group with you and your squad going up against enemy waves. Finally, Squad Assault has either you and your AI or up to five other human players go up against six AI bots created by another player.  The last piece here is that your squad can earn you XP even when you’re offline if they perform well when selected by another player.

I’ll fully admit that the Squads aspect sounds very intriguing and interesting but it all hinges on how well the AI performs. If they’re mostly brainless run and gun cannon-fodder, then this could be a missed opportunity.

Infinity Ward has also been pushing the fact that they now have a destruction/deformation system in place for Ghosts. I’m not convinced on the destruction element quite yet. I have a strong feeling that it’s nowhere near as dynamic as a game like Battlefield. I will say, it’s great that they’re starting to incorporate these elements, but from what I’ve read and seen, it looks like each map will have either a scripted event which alters the map or it has certain objects that can be interacted with. If you’re expecting an experience like what DICE offers with Battlefield, I think you’ll be disappointed.

Perks seem to be a big focus of Infinity Ward this time around as they’re now introducing a points system around them rather than picking only three to work with. Similar to the points system of Black Ops 2, Ghosts will assign a point value to each perk. Players will have 8 points to work with, so technically you could pick only two which cost four points, or have eight which cost one point. Infinity Ward will be adding a lot more perks to the mix so it sounds like you’ll be getting a good variety with Ghosts.

Fans of the franchise will be happy to learn that purchasing the season pass on the current generation of consoles will also unlock the pass on next-gen consoles when you make the jump. In addition, players will also be able to transfer their profile, accomplishments prestige and more across console generations.  The only catch is that you can only move content from the same family of consoles so you won’t be able to move 360 content to the PS4 for example.

So what do you think? Excited for this year’s Call of Duty game or is it just more of the same with added tweaks? Make sure to sound off in the comments!

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