Come Witness the Xbox One Unboxing

Even with around three months to go before the Xbox One launches to stores worldwide, Microsoft wanted to give gamers a taste of what they can expect when they peel back the cardboard.

The biggest piece of news for me in this video is that a headset will indeed be available out of the box. This is great news, especially for those of you social gamers out there as it means you won’t have to use the Kinect sensor or run out on day one to pick up a headset. It’s there waiting for you. I’m thrilled that Microsoft decided to reverse it’s decision on this after saying that a headset would not be included back in late June. It also looks pretty snazzy if you ask me. Another piece of great news is that an HDMI cable will be bundled in as well for only the most optimal viewing. One last thing before I let you go watch the video, the power supply isn’t quite the brick that the 360 had, so that’s great as well.

So let us join with Major Nelson as he takes us through what exactly you’ll find waiting for you sometime in November when the Xbox One releases to store shelves.

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