John Carmack Joining Oculus VR as CTO…What?!?

Here’s something I bet many of us didn’t expect to see. Studio co-founder and Technical Director over at id Software, John Carmack, has accepted a position with Oculus VR to become their Chief Technology Officer. They’re the ones behind the Oculus Rift, which is something Carmack has been mighty interested in.  I guess this move makes sense to that end.

With the news hitting the web yesterday and creating quite a stir on social media sites such as Twitter, id came out to also confirm that while the news was indeed true, Carmack was not leaving id Software and would stick around to provide leadership to games in development. Apparently, he’s going to work both positions. Carmack also took to Twitter to give people a look at what his timeshare would look like saying Oculus over id over aerospace. Either way, he’s going to be even busier than he is now. I just don’t know how he does it.

With as much positive press Oculus Rift has been getting lately, and Carmack’s praise and ideas towards virtual reality in general, I can definitely see this being a huge score for the folks at Oculus VR. I can only imagine how much better this product will become having the programming wizard and pioneer, John Carmack, on board.

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