Betrayer Announced By Blackpowder Studios, Former Monolith Developers

I can’t put my finger on why, but games that use visual desaturation with specks of color here or there really capture my attention. I love it. The last game I can remember to feature this prominently was The Saboteur and adding to that we now have Betrayer, a first person action adventure game.

Created and self-funded by Blackpowder Studios, former developers from F.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever developer Monolith. Betrayer puts the player in the role of a colonial arriving at an English colony in 1604. Hoping to help establish and build the community, you instead arrive to a deserted town, with the land drained of all life and color. Sounds a bit like the team is tapping into the unexplained mystery of the Roanoke Colony and how they just seemed to vanish without a trace. A very cool and interesting premise.

The player will explore the surrounding wilderness looking for answers, solving puzzles, and trying to survive amid the horrors that are left behind. You’ll also come across period weapons including crossbows and muskets in your quest to find answers and meet the ‘woman in red’ who probably knows something about the recent events.

Betrayer is due out on Steam’s Early Access Program on August 14.

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