Xbox One Gets A Hardware Boost

Late last week, amid more swirling rumors, Microsoft confirmed that their upcoming next generation console, Xbox One, has received an upgrade to it’s GPU boosting it’s overall clock speed.

Xbox One chief product officer, Marc Whitten, confirmed the news on Major Nelson‘s podcast. As they’re approaching the hardware finalizing stage, the team has been performing some minor tweaks here and there, with one of them being the internal graphics processing unit (GPU) speed. Originally announced at 800 MHz, it’s recently been overclocked to now reside at 853 MHz. A nice little boost if you ask me.

One other change detailed was the graphics driver which has been getting updated and changed since E3. Dubbed the “Mono Driver”, this graphics card has been getting constantly tweaked and modified to be 100% optimized for the Xbox One platform. Should make games even more pleasing to the eye than they already are.

The Xbox One is scheduled for release sometime in November at $499.

With Gamescom rapidly approaching later this month, the next-gen news will by flying left and right. We should get solid information from both Microsoft and Sony with the console launches right around the corner at that point and teams working to finalize all details. It should be an interesting time and I’ll make sure to have it all wrapped up for you here.

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