Batman Arkham Origins Introduces Multiplayer into the Franchise

I’ll be the first one to admit, there are certain games I believe don’t need multiplayer additions including ones that typically are long and compelling single player experiences. It seems that eventually after a game or two in the franchise become massive hits, the idea to add a multiplayer component is explored and eventually implemented. Games like Dead Space 2 or Spec Ops: The Line prove that adding multiplayer isn’t necessary and can even hinder the overall package.

The newest single player game to jump to multiplayer is the Arkham franchise which has exploded in popularity after the fantastic Batman: Arkham City released to much fanfare back in 2011. I have to admit though, what’s been shown off and described so far gives the mode a very unique and interesting feel to it. I’m just happy it’s not a Batman Team Deathmatch mode tacked on.


Brought to us by the folks over at Splash Damage, (not WB Montreal who is doing the campaign) Invisible Predator Online pits Batman and Robin against three of Joker’s thugs and three of Bane’s thugs. So essentially, it’s a 2 v 3 v 3 style game. The premise is that the thugs are competing against each other to control the turf all wrapped nicely in a third person cover based shooter. Batman and Robin work together to take down these thugs in an effort to stop these actions. Of course, as Batman or Robin you want to prowl and take to the shadows rather than try direct confrontation against people sporting automatic rifles.

While the mode could stand on it’s own with just the thugs, it would be missing that unique element that adding Batman and Robin brings. Knowing that Batman could be near you at any time definitely adds tension and fear to players as the thugs. It could also see similarities to the recently revived Spies vs Mercenaries mode from the Splinter Cell games. Playing as the mercs, watching the shadows for spies. Only in this case, you have another faction trying to gun you down as well.

What’s interesting to me is that this mode has a co-op challenge map feel to it but instead of the map being populated by AI, you have a war between two factions controlled by players that you’re trying to take down. From what I’ve seen it combines the tactical nature of the challenge maps with utter chaos. With lots of promised customization (This is from the Brink guys after all) and the ability to even play as the Joker or Bane, I have to say, I’m very much intrigued and looking forward to giving this mode a shot. In a game that I associate with being a traditional single player experience, who would have known?

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