Irrational Games Finally Spills The Goods On BioShock Infinite DLC

My how time flies. Since releasing BioShock Infinite last March, Irrational has gone under the radar not saying nearly a thing about their DLC plans even after making a season pass available for their game. Information starved and rife with speculation, Irrational took to the airwaves to finally reveal what people can expect from them and the season pass.

The first piece of downloadable content for BioShock Infinite is called “Clash in the Clouds” and it focuses more on the combat side than strong narrative. Looking to really push the game’s combat systems, the player is presented with a series of wave based combat challenges over four different maps. Playing as Booker and flanked once again by Elizabeth, players will battle through waves of enemies earning cash and unlocking new weapons and vigors to use.


Enemy AI has also been tweaked so they will no longer attack you as soon as you enter the area. This gives players a chance to hide and survey the area, deciding how they’ll tackle the mission. Additionally, this pack comes with the Columbia Archaeological Society, which serves as an in-game museum holding concept art, behind-the-scenes videos, character models, and brand new Voxophone and Kinetoscope recordings. And it’s available….right now! If you have the season pass, it’s available for the low price of free and as for everyone else, it’ll only set you back 5 bucks.

The second and third DLC called Burial at Sea has a lot of promise from what has been said so far. For those of you looking for a more traditional story oriented content pack, then this is for you. Taking place in Rapture in 1958 before the revolt that ultimately left the underwater city in ruins, players will once again step into the shoes of Booker DeWitt along with Elizabeth. Booker is now a private eye while Elizabeth looks to be a more noir inspired version. Rapture will be back in all of it’s glory, bolstered by the newer engine and probably looking much prettier than you remember.

What’s even more interesting is that the final DLC pack (and Part Two of this narrative DLC) will feature Elizabeth as the playable character. She’ll play differently from Booker, relying more on traps than shooting guns. Ken Levine has also said that this content will skew more towards the horror side from BioShock 1 than that combat oriented Infinite. Both DLC packs will run $14.99 each, or free if you purchased the season pass. No release dates were given at this time.

My guess is that they released both pieces of information today to perhaps undercut any negativity that may have arisen from just announcing a combat oriented DLC mode. I think it’s fair to say that people were expecting a straight campaign DLC add-on, not some horde/arena style combat. So releasing that news along side news people were expecting helped deflect complaints.

Frankly, I’m not overly thrilled by the “Clash in the Clouds” DLC. To me, BioShock is all about the story and world that is there to explore. Stepping into Rapture for the first time, seeing the various areas where people used to live under the ocean. It was magnificent. So to have DLC that focuses solely on combat, an aspect which for me was never a dominant part of the experience is mildly disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still give it a shot and keep an open mind as I’m playing it, I mean, it’s still Irrational we’re talking about after all. I’m glad that the team is delivering on a strong narrative experience for DLC packs two and three however. I’m extremely interested to see their take on a pre-revolution Rapture. If it means more Andrew Ryan, I’m on board.

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2 Responses to Irrational Games Finally Spills The Goods On BioShock Infinite DLC

  1. Robyn Miller says:

    I’m not particularly thrilled about “Clash in the Clouds,” either. I feel like Irrational is trying to compete with the “norm” by producing that DLC(as they did with Infinite’s controversial box art, to some degree).

    Because of your mention of Andrew Ryan, be sure that you look closely at the statue’s face in the trailer. That doesn’t look like Andrew Ryan, so I’m interested to see which universe this Rapture is in (and how it’ll affect our understanding of it).

    • Yeah, I’ll have to watch again..forgot my headphones at work that day so I’m sure I missed a ton.

      Still haven’t played Clash in the Clouds. I plan to, just kinda low of the priority totem pole at this point I’d say.

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