Saints Row IV Season Pass DLC Detailed

Get ready to embrace over the top crazy once again as Saints Row IV nears it’s release date. It’s also that time for some Season Pass details and I have to admit, Volition has some pretty interesting DLC plans it’s bringing to the table this time. No more small content updates, they’re pulling out the stops with this one.

The season pass for Saints Row IV will be available for $9.99 and will give players access to two DLC packs and also an exclusive weapon known as the “Rectifier” which is….yes, it’s an anal probe. You shouldn’t be surprised at this point.

The interesting part comes from the actual DLC you’ll be getting. While they didn’t mention anything about the second piece of content, the first one is a “Director’s Cut” version of Enter the Dominatrix which you may remember it being announced as DLC for Saints Row The Third, then getting a full-fledged retail package and ultimately getting cancelled. Well it’s back and Volition is turning into a mockumentary of sorts including a behind the scenes part where the characters actually explain why the content never made it into the game. Knowing Volition, this will most likely be pretty entertaining and funny. Better yet, this DLC will be available 45 days after the retail game launches.

The Saints will come marching back to retail on August 20.

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