2013 Playstation Store Play Lineup Revealed

In an effort to counteract Microsoft’s popular “Summer of Arcade” promotion, Sony began doing their own “Play” promotion featuring some high-profile downloadable titles to help beat back the summer heat. This past week, Sony revealed the four titles that PSN owners can expect to see during the promotion which kicks off tomorrow. Lets have a look at the titles, shall we?

Stealth Inc: A Clone In the Dark
Release: July 24
Price: $9.99 ($7.99 for PlayStation Plus members)
What is it?
Formerly Stealth Bastard, Curve Studios is bringing this puzzle-platformer title to the PS3 and Vita with cross-buy enabled. Featuring 80 levels, Stealth Inc reminds me of a mix between stealth based games like Metal Gear Solid and tough platformers like Super Meat Boy. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, it also comes with a level editor and the ability to download/share your creations with others.

Cloudberry Kingdom
Release: July 30
Price: $9.99 ($7.99 for Plus)
What is it?
An interesting platformer in the veins of a Mario style game from Pwnee Studios, Cloudberry has a very unique twist up its sleeve. The game features a level designer engine which creates randomized levels on the fly. You’ll most likely never experience the same map twice. What I also found interesting about this title is that the three main characters all share similar traits with those from any Mario game. The Hero, The Princess, and the Villain who begin to question why they do what they do. The Hero has become disillusioned with the whole platforming/save the princess mold and is forced back into things from retirement. The princess is a bit bored, needing to be rescued over and over. Finally the villain feels compelled to kidnap the princess again and again, but no one has any idea why. It’s an interesting take on a tried and true formula.

ibb & obb
Release: August 6
Price: $9.99 ($7.99 for Plus)
What is it?
A platforming puzzle game developed by the devious minds at Sparpweed, one player controls a pink character while the other controls a green one. Players will need to work together to figure out how to reach the end of each level through avoiding enemies, traps, and also alternating between the other half of the world. The bottom half of the world also features reversed gravity adding an extra wrinkle to the platforming.

DuckTales Remastered
Release: August 13
Price: $14.99 ($11.99 for Plus)
What is it?
A re-imagining and high-definition remake of the popular NES title by Capcom. WayForward is back behind the HD development chair as players will get to dive back into the adventure with Scrooge McDuck as he explores new and familiar locations from the NES title. Also, there’s an actual Money Vault you can virtually dive into. Count me in.

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