Rayman Legends Releasing With Even More Content

It’s been a long hard wait for WiiU owners and pretty much everyone else but it seems like Michel Ancel and his team have been keeping quite busy. Rayman Legends, famously delayed back in February so Ubisoft could bring the title to the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well, is finally nearing release and Ubisoft Montpellier is making sure you’re going to have plenty to do. It looks like they put that delay to good use just cramming as much content into the game as possible.


Fans will be happy to hear that Legends is coming packed with 40 levels pulled from Rayman Origins all graphically updated to reflect the style of Legends. Better yet, these levels do not need to be unlocked and will be available right on startup.

With the extra time, the team has also taken a small in-engine game that the developers whipped up for the office called Kung Foot and they’re adding it to the game as well. Kung Foot is a soccer (or Futbol for you non-Americans) themed minigame supporting up to 4 players (5 on WiiU) who are all jumping, kicking, punching and blocking a bouncing soccer ball wildly attempting to score a goal. The mode is being positioned as a fun and aimless minigame for friends who are too tired for anything serious. So get in there and just have fun.

Frankly, I cannot wait for this game. I am a huge fan of Rayman Origins and Legends seems to take that great formula and just blow it out of the water. Rayman Legends hits Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita and WiiU finally on September 3.

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