Daud’s Adventure Concludes in Dishonored’s ‘The Brigmore Witches’

If you’re eager to conclude Daud’s adventure which began with “The Knife of Dunwall” then you’ll be happy to know that your wait is now almost over. The Brigmore Witches are coming.

Yesterday Arkane and Bethesda confirmed that the second DLC centered around famed assassin, Daud, will be arriving August 13 for the excellent game, Dishonored. While details remain a bit scarce, we do now know a bit more about what you can expect. If you have yet to experience The Knife of Dunwall for yourself (go do that now), beware of minor spoilers below.


In The Brigmore Witches, you pick back up pretty much were things were left off in the first part. You’ve discovered and realized just who Delilah is and what he intentions are. Unfortunately for you, she’s the leader of the Brigmore Witch coven and has begun to conjure a powerful ritual that is bad news for everyone, including you. Having been betrayed by your most trusted ally, you’ll now need to rely on two feuding factions, The Dead Eels and Hatters, to help you navigate through this new area of Dunwall.

What’s a bit exciting is that the description also mentioned that Daud will also have to confront Corvo for his treacherous actions, something we were already aware of in the events of the core game. What’s intriguing to me is how in-depth the DLC will handle this event. Will we get to play it out or will it be a cutscene with narration like the beginning scene in the Knife of Dunwall? One other thing to consider is if the DLC will incorporate what you did to Daud in the main game.

The Brigmore Witches DLC will be available on August 13 for $10/800MSP and yes, your save file will transfer over with you into part 2.

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