Do The Executive Shuffle Part 2: Microsoft Announces Reorganization

In a move that was rumored to be coming after the departure of Don Mattrick to Zynga, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, made the reorganization official last Thursday in an email. If you want to look at the email directly, you can read it on Microsoft’s website right here. Here’s the breakdown and new alignments going forward.

Microsoft will now be made up of eight divisions: Engineering, Marketing, Business Development and Evangelism, Advanced Strategy and Research, Finance, HR, Legal, and Operations. Xbox One is situated within the Engineering department which is then broken down into four groups: Operating Systems, Applications and Services, Cloud and Enterprise, and Devices and Studios.

Why is that important you ask? Well, it effectively splits the console between two different engineering divisions. Terry Myerson will lead the Xbox One OS team which effective handles the consoles core functions. Don Mattrick’s replacement is Julie Larson-Green who takes over the Devices and Studios division. Handling the developer relations and evangelism side of things is Skype head, Tony Bates. I’m curious to see how these different divisions each with new leaders interacts with one another going forward. Communication will be key going forward especially for a company that is continually trying to repair it’s PR situation from the reveal event and E3. Mixed and confused messages at this point would be a very bad thing.

It’ll be interesting to see how these moves impact the direction of the Xbox One moving forward as we inch closer to November and it’s release. Perhaps this is the reset button that they were looking for all along. Either way, we don’t have much longer to wait. Buckle up folks, it’s going to be an interesting ride to November.

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