Insomniac Returning to Ratchet and Clank with ‘Into The Nexus’

Ask and ye shall receive. Playstation fans can now rejoice as Insomniac revealed yesterday that they indeed have an all new and traditional Ratchet & Clank game cooking up for the Playstation 3 later this year. Titled “Into The Nexus”, the duo are tasked with taking dangerous criminal Vendra Prog to the nearby detention center. Of course, things don’t go as planned and a jailbreak occurs. During this time, they uncover an inter-dimensional event that threatens the universe and forces the duo to determine what’s really important.

Serving as the epilogue to the events of Tools of Destruction and A Crack In Time, Insomniac promises even crazier weapons (a snowman gun?!?), zero-gravity sections of space, and what looks to be an extension of some of those time puzzles in the last game via being able to alter gravity all wrapped neatly in a brand new story driven single player experience.

While I’m all for a new Ratchet adventure, two things strike me as a little odd in this announcement.

1. Where’s the sly subtitle hinting at sophomoric humor? I mean, you have titles like Going Commando, Full Frontal Assault, Size Matters, and you go with Into The Nexus? I don’t know, maybe someone can enlighten me in the comments as perhaps I’m out of the loop, but to me, that doesn’t really fit the theme.

2. The second one is just the timing for this. As we all know, the next-gen consoles are scheduled to hit sometime in November and currently Into The Nexus is due at the end of the year sometime. Why not push this to the Playstation 4 as a potential launch window title? Granted, I know not everyone upgrades on day one so there will still be a sizable PS3 audience, but still, it seems a bit odd why Insomniac chose current generation hardware. But hey, it’s a new Ratchet game so who cares, right?

Here’s the first official trailer for the upcoming PS3 title:

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