Summer of Arcade Full Schedule And Prices Revealed

E3 2013 gave us the list and now Microsoft has confirmed prices and the schedule for this year’s Summer of Arcade promotion.So just when can you get your hands on these titles and how much money (Microsoft Moon Dollars) will you need to bring? Read on!

Things are starting later than normal this year with the promotion taking place during the entire month of August. Instead of the normal five games, we’re also only getting four this year as well. With the Xbox One slated to release in November later this year, you have to wonder if this is the last hurrah for this promotion on the Xbox 360. I know Xbox Live will continue on the Xbox One, but I can’t see games being cross functional on both systems. Who knows, maybe it’ll be possible with certain titles. Either way, here’s the full list for this year’s promotion:

August 7 – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Price: $15 (1200MSP)

August 14 – Charlie Murder
Price: $10 (800MSP)

August 21 – Flashback
Price: $10 (800MSP)

August 28 – TMNT: Out of the Shadows
Price: $15 (1200MSP)

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