12 Minutes of Awesome: Destiny First Gameplay Demo

So you missed the Sony’s E3 Press Conference and the very first gameplay reveal of Bungie’s next ambitious title: Destiny. Not a problem, I have you covered as Bungie just released the full 12 minute demo, redone with new narration and in glorious high definition.

If you were there watching along, you know what’s waiting for you below. The 12 minute demo introduces you to Old Russia as the player and a buddy work together to investigate what’s waiting inside the wall. You’re treated to seamless matchmaking for co-op and even get to see some of the abilities of the Warlock. You also get your first listen to Peter Dinklage as the Ghost tool. Witty, Sarcastic and may remind you a little bit of Portal 2’s Personality Cores. After a bit of combat and loot droppage (Gun skill trees!), the duo exit the other side of the wall where they seamlessly join in on a Public Event and are joined by a third friend who joins them. As they run into the combat zone, the trio are joined by other players working together to take down a large tank like structure. I just love how seamless these group instances are. One thing remains constant throughout this video though. The game looks stunningly beautiful. It’s going to be a long and painful wait for this one to release.

So here’s the demo that even if you didn’t miss, you should watch again. Word of advice: make sure to crank the settings to 1080p and enjoy!

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