Klei Entertainment Announces Incognita

Here’s something that you may not have seen coming. After giving us pure action games like Shank, Klei has been slowly moving towards more thoughtful and slower paced experiences. The trend continues as they announced the turn based tactical espionage game, Incognita.


Taking cues from popular turn based games like XCOM, Incognita will also feature gameplay mechanics such as permadeath, line of sight, and randomly generated maps, so don’t expect to find a universal solution for problems that may run into as the experience will change each time. While gameplay has not yet been shown off for the title, we do know that this game will require a thoughtful approach similar to Mark of the Ninja or Don’t Starve. Not having a plan or rushing to action will more than likely lead to bad times for you and your squad.

At the moment, Incognita does not have a release date or price, but the team at Klei is targeting PC for this title. If you’re looking for something to do, why not take a crack at deciphering it’s wall of text?

I find it really interesting to think how far Klei has come after pushing out two Shank games. They’ve certainly started to refine and create really unique experiences such as Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Stave and now Incognita. I’m glad to see Klei evolving and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more on Incognita.

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