9 Minutes Of Crazy: Saints Row IV E3 Gameplay

Lets kick off your Sunday with a little dose of crazy, shall we?

The Third Street Saints are coming back around this August and have somehow managed to go from street gang all the way up to the US Presidency. Yes, that’s right, you’re character is now the Commander and Chief of the United States of America.  In the demo gameplay below, you’ll get an inside look at the White House, decked out with the Saints and also a first look at Lord Zinyak as he leads an alien invasion against the planet and the Saints. Of course, this wouldn’t be Saints Row without some off the wall moments including secret gun stashes in the Oval Office and giant AA guns on the front lawn. The second part of the demo takes place later in the game and shows off more of the open world gameplay including the new super powers, guns, and brand new Professor Genki events.

So join Volition’s Senior Producer, Jim Boone, as he walks you through the demo that was shown off at E3 a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

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