Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Getting Vengeance With New DLC Pack

Growing tired of your current maps and modes in Black Ops II? Craving more content to keep you up all night?  Treyarch just may have the remedy you seek with the next DLC pack called Vengeance.

So what’s waiting for you in this pack? Maps of course! Players will be getting 3 new maps, 1 remake, and a new zombie variant called Buried.  Rush, Detour, and Cove represent the new map offerings with Cove taking place on an island, Detour takes place on a large bridge with multiple paths, and Rush is a very small map contained within a paintball arena. For fans of   the Black Ops map “Summit”, then you’ll find something to love with Uplink as it’s a remake of that map.

Buried is the new zombie map and looks to feature a heavy dose of story as the 4 players explore a western style town underground. There also looks to be a Sloth type character (Goonies reference of the day) in the map and the developers seem a bit coy in regards to if he’s friendly or aggressive towards the players. The Ray gun also makes its return to help you with your undead problem.

Vengeance will be available on Xbox 360 on July 2 and while no dates have been given for either the PS3 or PC crowd, history shows you’ll be waiting about a month. No price was given either but again, looking back at their past, I’d probably get 1200MSP/$15 ready.

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