10 Minutes of Awesome: Thief E3 Gameplay Presentation

Gear up stealth fans, a brand new video detailing Garrett’s adventures through The City has surfaced from last week’s E3 event. Waiting for you below is a huge 33 minutes of Thief related gameplay in the Playstation lounge area including a Q & A session with Eidos Montreal producer, Stephane Roy. Okay, so technically, it’s really a 10 minute gameplay segment, but the Q & A session will give you some more information as well so think of it as a complete package.

So what you’ll be seeing below takes place a few hours into the experience as Garrett is going after someone called “The Baron” in order to steal an important gem known as the Heart of the Lion. Due to his controlling nature, the populace has had enough with The Baron and a revolution has begun to take hold over The City giving Garrett an easier road into the mansion. The biggest addition you’ll be seeing below is Focus, which in addition to slowing down time, will also improve Garrett’s vision and combat moves allowing him to see things he can interact with such as candles and giving him additional stealth attacks. Focus doesn’t regenerate but can be regenerated from various items and upgraded throughout the course of the game.

If you’re a fan of first person stealth action games like Dishonored or…well the previous Thief games, then you’ll want to settle in and press play on the below video. Enjoy!

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