E3 2013: Come Meet The Latest Titles For Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade

Tradition continued yesterday as Microsoft announced the upcoming titles picked to represent in the latest Xbox Live Summer of Arcade promotion prior to their press conference. In an odd twist, the total number of games dropped to just four and the promotion is also starting later than usual on August 7.

Personally, I don’t feel the lineup is as strong this year as it usually is, but that’s just me. I’ll let you make your own decisions with the below list of titles. Keep in mind that price points and specific release schedule has not been detailed yet.

tmnt-oots_xblaTMNT: Out of the Shadows – Red Fly/Activision
Hopefully this game will rekindle the memories from playing old school style Turtle brawlers such as Turtles In Time. In Out of the Shadows, you can play as any of the four and you can hit up four player co-op online or 2 player split screen locally. With all four turtles on the screen at once, players can swap between them by pressing a direction on the d-pad which will also allow for interesting combo chains. There is also a mild progression and upgrade system for each of the turtles and there appears to be a challenge mode as well for those of you who like online leaderboards and competition.

FlashbackHDFlashback – Ubisoft
Former released on platforms like the Amiga, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and PC, some of the original team is back and is working on an HD remake with Ubisoft.  You play as a guy who had his memory wiped after crash landing on a planet.  The quest for answers begins once he comes across a device that has a recording of himself before the memory loss. From what I hear, the story is a bit more fleshed out, a new character progression system has been added, levels were reworked a bit, and you can now aim in 360 degrees.

Brothers-A-Tale-of-Two-Sons_XBLAboxart_160wBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Starbreeze Studios
Here’s an interesting title as you control the two brothers at the same time. Each character is tied to one of the analog sticks on your controller. Sounds weird but from what I’ve heard, it works well.  Brothers represents a collaborative effort from Starbreeze and filmmaker Josef Fare. Their goal with this title is to take a deep and engrossing story line from a film and marry it with the experience of a game.  The brothers set out to find the “Water of Life” in hopes to cure their ailing father.  It’s certainly a very pretty game, so hopefully it can live up to its aspirations.

CharlieMurderBoxArtCharlie Murder – Ska Studios
Need more side-scrolling brawler action? The guys who brought you The Dishwasher are back with their punk rock inspired beat-em-up.  If you’re familiar with Silva’s past work then you’re well aware of his visual style and what you can expect here. Going a bit further, the game also takes a page out of classics like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage as players can find and use weapons littered around the stages for some extra damage.  If that isn’t enough, how about an RPG style system similar to Diablo and other loot based games?  That’s right, you can find and equip different items such as shirts which will grant different stat bonuses. If you’re a fan of brawlers such as Castle Crashers or Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, then you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on this one.

Here’s the official trailer as well

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