The Wild Last 24 Hours For Ska Studios and Vampire Smile

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday.  Xbox 360 downloadable exclusive The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile released last year, brought to us from the mind of James Silva and his team at Ska Studios. At the time, no PC version was announced and it would seem that decision more than disappointed some folks. Lets start at the beginning though.

Earlier yesterday morning over on a Russian game development site, an over zealous fan of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile took matters into his own hands in order to get the title onto his platform of choice, the PC.  A user named Barabus managed to reverse engineer the Xbox 360 game and released an unofficial port of the action title.  Sure it was lacking certain features like achievements, co-op, and network related modes in the process, he believed he was doing a good thing for his fellow PC players who were itching to play it as well.  Barabus then took to the forums, creating a post explaining why he did what he did explaining that the game’s exclusivity on the Xbox 360 was preventing PC players from enjoying the game. Not believing this would impact Ska Studios in any way and not first contacting them about this idea, Barabus cited his main reason was an ethical one.

Calling what he did a “restoration of justice”, Barabus actually received a response from James Silva who said he was impressed by the effort in launching a port of his game.  The thing that he couldn’t wrap his head around was the explanation of morality and justification for doing so.  He also dropped a few hints that a PC version was floating around his “To Do” list but nothing official was announced.

Later in the day yesterday, both Ska Studios and Microsoft announced a “Director’s Cut” version of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile would indeed be coming to PC.  Interestingly enough, Silva had been in talks with Microsoft about a week before this unofficial port went live and a Director’s Cut version was always something he wanted to do since the original launch.

So in the end, it seems everyone is getting what they want out of this.

Talk about one crazy day…

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