The Last of Us Multiplayer Details Begin To Leak

I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m surprised that Naughty Dog has been sitting on this aspect of their upcoming survival IP, The Last Of Us. Along those same lines, I’m surprised they’ve managed to keep it under wraps for this long. With the game due out in just over a week now, it seems like the cracks in the foundation are beginning to really open up. While we wait for official word from Sony or Naughty Dog, take this “news” with a grain of salt though at this rate, we should be hearing something very soon I’d imagine.

Just from the trailer alone, the multiplayer appears to bring the stealth and survival aspects over from the campaign. Scavenging is a major component as ammo for guns and resources will be very limited. Teams will fight over available supplies in order to stay alive for what appears to be 12 weeks (rounds I’d imagine) with a different element being thrown into the mix such as a marauder attack or even medical outbreaks such as malaria. The crafting system also makes a return as resources you capture can be used to craft new items like smoke bombs or shivs. One thing is definitely for sure, the gameplay seems tailored for a slower more methodical/tactical player.

Below is the leaked trailer that has been circulating around the web.

I’m going to really withhold my judgment until we get all the facts but upon first glance based on that trailer, then I’d have to question why Naughty Dog felt the need for so much secrecy. It’s an interesting concept but an enhanced team deathmatch mode isn’t something I thought of after all the coy teasing. Perhaps there’s more here than meets the eye or something yet to be revealed. Still, what’s there does look interesting so don’t take my complaining to mean I’m dismissing this outright.

Thankfully we don’t have to wait much longer to really experience it as The Last of Us hits store shelves on June 14.

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2 Responses to The Last of Us Multiplayer Details Begin To Leak

  1. awesomestuf says:

    cool lookin game.

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