My E3 2013 Wishlist

With the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo next week, I figured what better time to unleash my wish list as per Gamer Crash tradition. This should be a very interesting show with the next generation of consoles rumored to hit later this year and also Nintendo bowing out of a traditional presser so they can hit the internet with a “Direct” conference instead.

Below I’ve listed the main things I want to see from the “Big 3” this year in addition to other games.  Also, what’s an E3 post without some outrageous predictions?  I’ve got you covered there as well.  Let me know what you’d like to see in the comments below.

It gets pretty lengthy so you’ll find everything after the jump….

Nintendo – Relevance
With the WiiU starting off extremely slow in terms of sales and install base, one would have to think this is Nintendo’s last real chance to “sell” the audience on what they’re bringing to the table. It’s especially true considering Microsoft and Sony are bringing new consoles with them to further sway the masses away. With all that on that table, Nintendo really has to sell us on what they’re trying to do.  Why should we care?  That’s the biggest question Nintendo faces coming into E3 and the one they really need to address. There’s a ton of pressure on them to deliver so hopefully they’re going to be bringing the goods.

Microsoft – Software
So as we all know, the biggest hole in their Xbox One press conference was the fact that it was extremely light on games and gameplay. This is their chance to make up for that and to gain back some of those people who are skeptical or disappointed with their current showing. It’s time to bring out the big guns and blow people out of the water with cool software. Put up or shut up Microsoft, it’s time to wow the gamers that were left out from your last event. Hopefully with all of the misinformation and confusion that has surfaced after their reveal event, E3 will also bring about clarity for many issues including Always Online, Used Games, and other features.

Sony – Hardware
I know it’s been a while since their PS4 event, but if you remember, the only piece of hardware Sony showed off for the next-gen system was the controller. It’s time to reveal the console that’s going to be powering next generation games. They showed off a large number of software to look forward to and that’s great, but lets see some actual hardware.  With all the teases they’ve been doing recently, I have no doubt that this will happen.  Coming into E3, Sony seems to be in the best position out of the three coming into E3 based on what I’ve seen around the internet.  Hopefully that doesn’t go to their head because the race is still pretty tight.

Other things I’d like to see…

Watch_Dogs Multiplayer
What’s interesting here is that Ubisoft has practically gone out of its way to hint and point out that its upcoming open world action title Watch_Dogs does indeed have multiplayer.  They seem pretty excited about it, though nothing solid in the way of news or details has been divulged.  With the game due out later this year, what better time than E3 to show it off?

A New Fallout?
It’s crazy to think that it’s been almost 5 years since Bethesda unleashed Fallout 3 upon the masses (Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about New Vegas, just not counting it here).  Yes, it took so many hours of our lives away and what better time to pull the curtain back on the newest entry for the next-gen? With Skyrim selling like hotcakes and the masses frothing at the mouth for a new Bethesda game, I can’t think of a better way or time to bring back Fallout. There’s been some rumors these past few years so maybe the time is upon us.

Next Dragon Age Entry
From what I’ve seen, Dragon Age 2 tended to be a pretty divisive game.  It served as a change of pace from what people got with the first game and some people liked it, and some didn’t.  What we can all agree upon is that it did have issues including reused maps, a new combat system which tended to alienate Origin players, and a relative lack of polish in certain spots.  We all know Dragon Age 3 is in development for next-gen systems using the new Frostbite 3 engine.  I’d love to take a look at the title and seeing the updates and changes to team have managed to develop. Will they backtrack more towards Origins or are they planning to refine and improve the established Dragon Age 2 experience?

New IPs
I know, this one is a bit vague but it seems as the current generation of consoles starts to wind down, developers take less chances on new IPs.  The best example of this can be seen later last year as a ton of sequels or games based on existing properties released week after week.  With a new generation comes a renewed opportunity to invest in new IPs through the console life cycle.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with sequels per say, but sometimes, you just want to dive into a brand new experience.  This will also prevent franchise burnout and sequelitis while giving us gamers a breath of fresh air.  Surprises are always welcome during E3 especially with the whole world watching.

Console Details
On the hardware front, I’d love to get some solid facts nailed down from both Microsoft and Sony. When can we expect these new systems? I’d like to see a date attached and as specific as possible. I’d also like to see a price point so we can at least start to prepare to save. I do expect at least the price point to be revealed, but I’d be extra happy if the release date could get nailed down as well.

My ‘Shot-In-The-Dark’ Predictions
Mirror’s Edge 2 (Looking more and more likely)
Next-Gen Uncharted
Killer Instinct 3 (also reserve the right for HD versions of the previous 2)
Rainbow 6: Patriots (or a revamped Rainbow Six title)
Something Halo related (teaser trailer for 5 or a new game completely)

Longshot – new Mega Man title
Super Ultra Longshot – Last Guardian

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4 Responses to My E3 2013 Wishlist

  1. Paul says:

    Very close to my own predictions I posted today. I am hoping to see a next gen fable since Lionhead have been very quiet the last few years. I also think we’ll see crytek’s Ryse game play and no doubt some COD. Like you say though, Microsoft need to pull their finger out and impress someone other than casual techies and couch potatoes

    • I think Lionhead just unveiled new forums for Fable today so who knows, maybe that’s a sign for next week?

      I’m sure Microsoft is going to be bringing the software as that would just be silly not to at this point. Ryse sounds interesting so here’s hoping we get a better look at it.

      I’m also itching to see Bungie’s Destiny in action so I’m hoping they’re bringing actual gameplay with them.

  2. awesomestuf says:

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    guys, check out this awesome dudes blog too.

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