The Last of Us DLC and Season Pass Bonuses Announced

It’s only a couple short week’s until Naughty Dogs new IP, The Last of Us, finally hits store shelves. If you don’t feel like heading to the store, it’ll also be a day 1 download on the Playstation Network.  Better yet, the game will allow you to start playing after 50% of it has been downloaded, which considering how slow the download process can be, that’s a great thing to see.


So what can you expect?  For the first time, Naughty Dog will be creating story based DLC set to expand the world they’ve created further. No additional details have been revealed quite yet. The other two packs are for their yet to be announced multiplayer mode and will include things like new maps and other items.

Similar to what Naughty Dog did for Uncharted 3, they have revealed a season pass available for purchase. The season pass will give you access to all three DLC packs for $19.99 saving you 30% off buying all 3 individually. For preordering the season pass, you’ll also gain access to some Day 1 bonuses including increased crafting speed, increased healing rate, rifle ammo capacity upgrade, and a pistol reload speed upgrade.  These bonuses will be available right from the start. Not only that you’re also getting a 90 minute “Making of The Last of Us” documentary created by Area 5.

For those of you who are worried that the bonuses will affect your experience, I can understand where you are coming from especially when the bonuses increase your crafting and healing rates. Trying to heal or craft an item which could potentially save your hide while avoiding nearby enemies creates a real sense of drama and tension for the player.  Having an ability to really reduce the amount of time to pull off these things could break some of that tension if that matters to you. I know some of you may not care and that’s cool to.

For those of you worried, according to Eric Monacelli over on the Playstation Blog, it appears that you can opt to not download the bonuses and possibly even disable them.  A couple of people in the comments expressed this worry and he replied with that information.  So there you go, a bit of good news for those of you who don’t want the bonuses to interfere with your experience.

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