Make a Return Visit To Conker’s Bad Fur Day With This Video

Are you ready for your daily blast from the past?

Three developers formerly of Rare and important members of the Conker’s Bad Fur Day team have joined forces once again to provide some commentary for the former N64 game.  In the video you’ll hear from Chris Seavor, Chris Marlow, and Shawn Pile all gathered around playing and talking about the game.  I tell you, there’s something just refreshing watching former developers speaking at length and very casually about their game.  Things that they were surprised they got away with (like Conker using a chainsaw on the N64 logo) and just other oddities or development secrets that would have never been known to the general public.  I still find it funny to see a game like this to have come out of Rare, especially more so when you think at the more recent items they’ve put out.  Okay, I know, it was a different situation back then, but still.

Interestingly enough, Chris Seavor’s new studio, Gory Detail, is currently hard at work on a new project and they’re looking to acquire a few WiiU development kits.  It’s almost like everything’s coming back full circle.

All in all there are 6 parts to this series, but I’ve included the first one below for you. Also, I will strongly warn you against watching if you’re offended easily by swears and such. But, seeing as you’re probably someone who enjoyed Conker back in the day if you’ve read this far, then you’ll probably feel right at home.


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