Curiosity – We Now Know What’s Inside The Cube

Remember that little experiment that Peter Molyneux and his team at 22 Cans started back in November 2012?  Well, this past weekend, the experiment came to an end.

Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube was originally created as a digital experiment having players tap away millions and millions of smaller cubes in an effort to reach the core to see what’s inside.  Molyneux had promised a big secret and “life changingly important” which ultimately caused 10’s of thousands of users to race to the center of the cube by tapping their screen.

So what was in the center of the box?  For those of you who don’t wish to be spoiled, watch this video that explains everything.  For everyone else?  Follow me past the video.

After the dust from all of the furious tapping had settled, Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh, Scotland came out victorious as he was the first person to reach the center of the cube.  Bryan was treated to a video from Molyneux explaining what he had won.  As it turns out, the “life changing surprise” promised to the winner turned out to be the ability to be a “digital god” deciding how people will play 22 Can’s next title, Godus.  Further details were not divulged quite yet, but it seems Bryan will be able to decide what rules the game will be played by and have control over everyone playing.  Not sure how that’ll ultimately work, but details will be coming soon.  He will also share in the success of the product, so when money is spent on the game, Bryan will receive a small piece as well. Not bad for tapping cubes all day, huh?

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