Saturday Video Round Up: May 19 – 25

It’s safe to say that this past week was very busy and as such, there’s a wealth of new videos.  Thankfully, it’s Saturday which means the Round Up is back and it’s brought some of the best gameplay and trailers from this past week.  Lets get started, shall we?

Well, obviously the big news this week came from Microsoft as they finally pulled the curtain back on their next generation console offering in the Xbox One.  As such, I have a number of trailers from the event including Forza Motorsport V and Quantum Break.  Earlier in the week, WB Games posted the first official trailer for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins.  Okay, so it may not be gameplay but you can’t deny seeing Deathstroke and Batman duke it out in CG isn’t pretty awesome.  Speaking of CG meets live action, Destiny, the new game from Bungie also received a pretty great trailer featuring Giancarlo Esposito.

I’ve also got new videos for Splinter Cell Blacklist, Company of Heroes 2, The Last of Us, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos await you after the jump…

Batman: Arkham Origins – Debut Trailer
Splinter Cell Blacklist – Co-op Trailer
Forza Motorsport V – Debut Trailer
Quantum Break – Debut Trailer
Call of Duty: Ghosts – Reveal Trailer
Injustice: Gods Among Us – History of Batgirl Trailer
Company of Heroes 2 – The Price of Victory Trailer
Xbox One – EA Sports Montage
Xbox One – Reveal Trailer
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger – Launch Trailer
Saints Row IV – Saints Force One Trailer
Shootmania Storm – Launch Trailer
Destiny – Law of the Jungle Trailer
Resident Evil: Revelations – Launch Trailer
Need for Speed Rivals – Teaser Trailer
Splinter Cell Blacklist – Co-op ComDev Video
The Last of Us – Death and Choices Developer Diary
Guilty Gear XRD – Trailer 1
The Witness – Conversations with Creators
Resident Evil: Revelations – Mystery Developer Diary
Infinite Crisis – Shazam Profile Trailer
Shadow Warrior – Teaser Trailer
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – Features Trailer
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