Fight! Mortal Kombat Finally Coming To PC

Well PC gamers, you’ve gotten your wish even if it has taken well over 2 years to officially happen.

Scorpion and the gang will be finally hitting the PC as Netherrealm Studios and Warner Brothers revealed yesterday that the “Komplete Edition” of the bloody fighter, Mortal Kombat, will finally be available this summer.  Digital purchases will start up on July 3 but if you’re someone who wants to hold the box in their hands, you’ll be waiting a month later on August 6.

The Komplete Edition features the full retail game, all four DLC characters (Kenshi, Rain, Skarlet, and Freddie Kruger), old school fatalities and every piece of downloadable alternative costumes like classic Reptile/Scorpion/Sub Zero.

Interestingly enough, it’s not Neatherrealm that’s handling the port.  High Voltage Studios, you know the group behind The Conduit and the critically panned Star Wars Kinect game, has been tapped to handle things on the PC side.  I know, it may sound dire, but it’s just a port so it should be fine…right?

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