Soundtrack Central – More Sounds From Early 2013

There’s been so many exceptional titles already this year, that I had to put together another Soundtrack Central article for some of the games I didn’t get to cover previously.  If you want to check out the first 2013 edition, you can do that here.  With that said, crank that volume and make your ears happy.  Here are a few more strong candidates from the first half of 2013.

RexColtFar Cry 3: Blood Dragon
When Blood Dragon promised to embrace the 80s style, it went all out.  That includes the deliciously amazing soundtrack which sounds ripped from your favorite cheese ball sci-fi movies from the 80s.  It sounds so authentic that you may even start to wonder if you’ve heard these before from various movies like RoboCop, Predator, or The Terminator.  Ubisoft tapped power metal band Powerglove to score the game which is a good fit considering they’re experts at paying tribute to classic game themes.  Frankly, they knocked it out of the park.  Powerglove also really committed to the theme giving the listener just the right amount of synth effects, power guitar, and electronic drum beats.  A great example of this can be heard in “Power Core” as you’re getting a healthy dose of percussion mixed with 80s action.  The theme is also a standout track carrying a smooth 80’s synth through out as it escalates towards the end.  It’s completely catchy and something that you’d expect to find an any 80s sci-fi movie.

Recommended Tracks:
Power Core
Blood Dragon Theme
Sloan’s Assault

BBTgemBattleBlock Theater
The long-awaited next game from developer The Behemoth as usual features some really great, memorable and catchy music to go along with the quirky and addictive gameplay.  As typical with their games, the soundtrack is comprised by user-generated tracks found over on Newgrounds by the community there.  Makes sense when you consider Behemoth co-founder Tom Fulp created Newgrounds.  The levels seem to cycle through a number of tracks and each one is just as addictive as the last.  The music has a very cool video game feel to them while remaining upbeat to the action that’s taking place on the screen.  If you want a dose of crazy, then look no further with Secret Area.  Featuring the schizophrenic vocals of Michael Stamper, this is one wild and addictive track.

Recommended Tracks:
Level Music #4
Panic Version by Catani
Menu Theme
Wicked Mummy Remix by Catani
Secret Area

monacologoMonaco: What’s Yours Is Mine
What’s better than a soundtrack created using just an old ragtime piano?  Nothing that’s what.  Not only is this soundtrack incredibly unique, it’s also done by Austin Wintory who you may remember from his great work on Journey.  With only a piano to work with, you’d think that would restrict the amount of music that would be able to be made.  Not so, as Wintory manages to create a diverse, fun, and compelling 18+ song soundtrack by switching tempos and tone.  I’d imagine it was equally as challenging as it was fun to work on.  It really fits the whole heist theme that the game is going for making the player really feel like a sneaky rogue trying to avoid guards and get out with the loot.

Recommended Tracks:
Why recommend only a few tracks when you can listen to the whole thing here?

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